Gallery Seescape

is an alternative art venue aiming to support both emerging and professional artists,
opening for experimental projects and infiltrate art into everyday life

Since it was founded in 2008, Gallery Seescape has nurtured both art seeds and art scenes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As an alternative art community space, Seescape hosted over 74 art events and exhibitions. It functions as a base of operations for activities that reach well beyond the gallery walls to engage with public space and communities.

Hern, the founder of this gallery, strongly believes that art plays a crucial role on social development. He thinks of art as a language which artists communicate through their artworks. These artists and artworks reflect on contemporary society and eventually become a part of a history. Hern’s mission is to create an art space with a welcome and informal environment. With a “backyard garden” like atmosphere, this space attracts wider audience aside from art folks.